Our New Look Website

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Our new look Heatkeeper website has many new and exciting features. The FAQ's section with all the answers to your questions, installation videos and a money saving calculator. Take a look and let us know what you think. Sign up to our newsletter for our exclusive offers and rewards and your chance to win a [...]

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The very latest news

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News date: 1st December 2013 Does your property have solid walls? If so the latest reshuffling of government initiatives could come as bad news. However all is not lost; it is all the more reason to insulate your radiators with HEATKEEPER reflective insulating panels. A proportion of the recent heavy increase in energy prices was [...]

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Some news worth mentioning

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There are now 2 ways of fitting HEATKEEPER Radiator Reflect Panels Secure Taping the panels HEATKEEPER Reflector Panels have been specially designed to be easy to fit without removing radiator. The size and shape of the panel is designed to be suitable for the most common household radiators in use in the UK Cutting divisions [...]

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Our latest announcement

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Additional products for sale News date: 1st December 2013 As a service to our customers we have started to supply additional products on this website: NEAT IDEAS Radiator Brush This is the best radiator brush that we have found. Have you ever thought about how much dust gathers behind your radiators? The Neat Ideas Radiator [...]

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New news item just announced

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85 year old fits her HEATKEEPER panels News date: 5th February 2013 We are proud of the feedback that our customers provide and all comments are posted on the website. But this letter of thanks from an 85-year old lady who recently ordered our panels deserves pride of place: Dear Sir. I telephoned you Monday. [...]

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