Draught Proof Your House and Start Saving Today.


At Heatkeeper we like to think we are benefiting communities throughout the UK. By fitting Heatkeeper energy saving radiator reflector panels the average household can save as much as 20% on the heating costs. They are easy to fit and won’t break the bank, paying for themselves within the first year of purchase. Many Housing Associations and Community Charity projects are fitting them into their tenant’s and local community housing, helping them to stay warm and save on their fuel bills. One such group is Action on Energy.


Action on Energy is a South London based social enterprise that offers workshops in home energy awareness and efficiency as well as the installation of small-scale DIY draught proofing measures. Action on Energy’s core team are Martin Abraham and Sibylle Mansour who teamed up in 2010 under the name of Community Draught Busters to run draught busting Saturdays in people’s homes. With the founding of Action on Energy in August 2013 the enterprise has developed into a viable local business, which now provides employment to more than 9 part time staff.


Action on Energy’s has a very strong social as well as an environmental remit. We believe that:

  • Avoiding the health impacts people experience from living in poorly insulated homes requires the improvement of the housing stock across London.
  • Protecting the environment and working towards independence from fossil fuel energy represent pressing issues of the 21st century.


This approach has been recognised by the sustainability team of a local housing association. Since October 2014 AoE’s installation team has worked on more than 150 properties fitting draught proofing measures on windows and doors, installing secondary magnetic glazing and Heatkeeper energy saving radiator reflector panels which are available at www.heatkeeper.co.uk


AoE assessing AoE team member assessing a home

AoE fitting Fitting Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator Reflector Panels


AoE is dedicated to work as close as possible with each individual resident to identify their needs and provide them with energy saving solutions that improve comfort levels in their home without imposing restrictions on their lives.


AoE passionately gets involved in strategically developing grass roots organisations like Fuel Poverty Action who are publicly demanding a clean, affordable and renewable energy system where houses are kept warm through adequate draught proofing and insulation and provide people with the opportunity to develop their own community owned energy project, for more info contact www.action-on-energy.org


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