Our latest announcement

//Our latest announcement

Our latest announcement

Additional products for sale
News date: 1st December 2013

As a service to our customers we have started to supply additional products on this website:

NEAT IDEAS Radiator Brush
This is the best radiator brush that we have found. Have you ever thought about how much dust gathers behind your radiators? The Neat Ideas Radiator Brush is the perfect answer. Clean radiators are more efficient and will therefore save money on household bills. HEATKEEPER Radiator Panels also fix better to the wall behind the radiator if the wall is free from dust.

HEATKEEPER double sided, self-adhesive fixing tape
The packs of HEATKEEPER Panels supplied on this website already include sufficient tape to fit the number of panels in the pack. However if you find you need a bit more or would like an industrial strength double-sided self-adhesive tape for any other household purpose, then we recommend this tape which has efficiently fixed HEATKEEPER panels to walls for more than 15 years.

BISON Construction Adhesive
This highly effective adhesive supplements the fixing tape supplied with HEATKEEPER Panels where necessary, for example where the wall surface is uneven or flaking or in the case of contoured vinyl, wood chip, embossed or Hessian wallpaper, textured paint, painted brickwork or wooden panelling. Just apply this to the same surfaces as you would the tape. It can be applied on top of tape if necessary.

Duragrip Spines for Easy-Fit hanging of HEATKEEPER Radiator Panels
These spines fit securely along the top of the panel enabling it to be hung from the radiator brackets. This method is suitable for radiators that are hung close to the wall or have an overhanging window-sill.

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