Bison Construction Adhesive

//Bison Construction Adhesive

Bison Construction Adhesive


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The Bison Montagekit Construction Adhesive is can be used for sticking Radiator Reflector Panels onto uneven or bricked walls.
When installing Radiator Reflectors with double-sided tape they may not stick correctly to different types of wall, if your wall has a plain brick surface or is uneven the double-sided tape will not work to it’s full potential and may fail, If this is so then try this Construction Adhesive to stick your Reflective Panels onto the wall behind your radiator securely.

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Construction Adhesive features

  • Super Strong
  • Can stick Radiator Panels onto Bricked or uneven walls
  • Can be used for other uses too


  • Brand: Bison
  • Type : Montagekit Construction Adhesive
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight 125g


Great for sticking your Radiator Reflector Panels onto bricked or uneven walls.
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1 x Tube Construction Adhesive

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