Heatkeeper MINI Radiator Reflectors Panels – 8 Pack

//Heatkeeper MINI Radiator Reflectors Panels – 8 Pack

Heatkeeper MINI Radiator Reflectors Panels – 8 Pack


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HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Reflector Panels significantly reduce the heat loss through external walls by directing the heat from your radiators evenly back into the room.
The design of the Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator Reflector Panel causes the warm air to spin out into the room, reducing the time it takes to heat up the room and virtually eliminating cold spots.
The Heatkeeper reflects the radiant heat back to the radiator so the water circulating in the radiator returns to your boiler hotter. So your boiler fires up less frequently saving you energy and fuel cost.


4 in stock

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Up to 70% of the heat from your radiators is heating the wall behind; the aluminized surface reflects the infra-red heat, normally absorbed by the wall behind the heater units, back into the room. The moulded shape of the Heat Reflector also traps air between the heat reflector and the wall surface creating a thermal barrier which reduces conductive heat loss through the exterior wall.
The saw tooth profile of the Radiator Reflector Panel increases air turbulence and circulation which immediately improves the room comfort levels and reduces your heating requirements and cutting your energy bills.
Once the HEATKEEPER radiator panels are fitted your radiators will start to warm your rooms a lot quicker, the core of your heating unit is hotter, water inside the heating system will return to the boiler at a higher temperature allowing you to reduce the overall boiler water temperature to achieve the same or improved comfort levels.
The reduction of the boiler water temperature reduces the amount of fuel required to re-heat the water, and will help you save money.

The HEATKEEPER Radiator Panel is suitable small household radiators and the overall dimensions are 200mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep.
These insulation panels are most effective where the gap between the wall and the radiator is greater than 20mm, where the gap is less than 15mm you may need to remove the heater to fit the panel.
The Heatkeeper reflector panel is made of clear PVC with an aluminized surface
The panel is moulded with a ribbed profile that creates an insulating space when affixed to a flat surface.The Heat Reflectors are strong and durable and will not be damaged by normal handling.
Heatkeeper Panels comply with all required BS Fire and Safety requirements applicable within the EU. Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested in accordance with BS476 (Part 7: 1971, section 2) These panels are accredited by Ofgem for EEC schemes.

Heatkeepers Reflectors Panel features

  • Energy saving and reduction of fuel bills .
  • The enhanced heat distribution, reduces radiator heat up time and eliminates cold spots.
  • Discolouring above the radiator is reduced.


  • Brand: Lake Manufacturing Ltd
  • Type : Radiator Reflector Panel
  • Dimensions:200mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep
  • Weight: 75g per panel (approx)


  • The Heatkeeper radiator panels are designed for domestic use, and should only be used with hot water heating systems.
  • An industrial variant of this panel and mini panel are also available.

In The Box

  • Radiator Reflector panels
  • Double sided tape
  • Installation instructions

Additional Information

  • These insulation panels are most effective where the gap between the wall and the radiator is greater than 20mm.
  • Ensure that the wall that the panel is being adhered to is clean and the surface is smooth.
  • Although these panels can be fitted to woodchip and rough surfaces they may require the use of an additional strong adhesive.

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