Some news worth mentioning

//Some news worth mentioning

Some news worth mentioning

There are now 2 ways of fitting HEATKEEPER Radiator Reflect Panels

Secure Taping the panels

HEATKEEPER Reflector Panels have been specially designed to be easy to fit without removing radiator.
The size and shape of the panel is designed to be suitable for the most common household radiators in use in the UK

Cutting divisions and scissor lines have been incorporated into the panel design to make it easy to adapt to varying radiator dimensions

Hanging the panels

NEW alternative “Easy-Fit” method for HEATKEEPER Panels. Simply hang HEATKEEPER Panels from your radiator brackets

This new “Easy-Fit” method uses DURAGRIP spines which fit securely along the top of the panel enabling it to be hung from the radiator brackets. This method is suitable for radiators that are hung close to the wall or have an overhanging window-sill.

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