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News date: 1st December 2013

Does your property have solid walls? If so the latest reshuffling of government initiatives could come as bad news. However all is not lost; it is all the more reason to insulate your radiators with HEATKEEPER reflective insulating panels.

A proportion of the recent heavy increase in energy prices was attributed by the energy companies to cost imposed by government policy, the Energy Company Obligation, or ECO. Now this obligation will be reduced, mainly by removing the most expensive part of the insulation programme – solid wall insulation.

If you have a home with solid walls you will know how much heat you are losing and you may well be aware of the high cost of insulating solid walls which averages £10,000 per home. But even if the government’s much flagged Green Deal and ECO initiatives cannot help with this, there is one simple and inexpensive way to reduce the heat loss through solid walls and that is to make sure your radiators are insulated with the most effective product on the market – HEATKEEPER Radiator Panels, which are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Once installed HEATKEEPER Panels are permanent fixtures which go to work in three ways to keep heat in the room:

·         They reflect infra-red heat back into the radiator so the water returns hotter to the boiler which therefore triggers less often

·         The profiles designed into the panels trap insulating pockets of air between the radiator and the wall, reducing heat lost through the wall, a major problem for properties with solid walls

·         The saw tooth design stimulates convection currents which improve heat circulation and help eliminate cold spots.

And the panels are easy to retrofit as you do not need to remove your radiators.

Remarks by former general manager of Heatkeeper, Graham Page: “At Heatkeeper we feel the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligations are well intentioned. But it is often the simplest and inexpensive solutions like HEATKEEPER Panels that are most attractive for home owners and that pay back the small investment much more quickly.”

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