Big Energy Saving Week – Check Switch & Save

From the 26th-30th October, the Citizens Advice Bureau along with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Energy Saving Trust are launching the Big Energy Saving Week campaign to help you:


Check Find out exactly how much energy you’re using and what you’re paying for it.

Talk to your supplier or local Citizens Advice if you think your bills are wrong or you have problems paying. You could be entitled to support to help you pay your bill.


Switch- On average you could save up to £200 or more by switching energy supplier or changing the tariff. Visit to help you shop around.

If you have problems due to fuel debts the Citizens Advice Bureau can help you negotiate with your supplier.


Save- Make your home more energy efficient by insulating lofts and walls where possible have double glazing or use thick curtains to keep the heat in, fit Heatkeeper energy saving radiator reflector panels to recycle the heat produced from your radiators , only charge laptops and mobile phones when you need to and don’t leave appliances on standby. Where possible turn lights off when you leave the room.

Find out how to get lower energy bills and a more comfortable home with the Energy Saving Trust’s Home Energy Check at

For more information, visit