What are Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels .

They are an inexpensive energy saving reflector panel that fit behind radiators, providing a fixed and permanent energy saving feature for your home.

How are Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels Fitted.

Click here to view fitting instructions and videos.

Why shouldn't I use just foil.

Unlike HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panels, kitchen foil has no insulating benefit and it does not improve the heat distribution in the room.

How do they work.

The panels work in three ways to save energy, money and improve the comfort and feel of your rooms.

I have heard that saw toothed panels are the best option.

Yes unlike the loose hanging flimsy versions, Heatkeeper panels work in three ways to insulate the wall, reflect the heat back to the boiler and cause a convection current to re-circulate the heat throughout the room.

Can Heatkeeper cut offs be recycled.

Yes – Heatkeepers are made of a metalized pvc, you will have to get in touch with your local authority and take their advice on their recycling policy.

What is your delivery policy.

We offer standard and next day delivery options, and we can deliver internationally, costs vary according to size, weight and delivery address – see our terms and conditions for more details or call us on 0191 415 1333.

How do I install Heatkeepers to radiators close to the wall

Use the new hanging method.

Are Heatkeepers easy to cut.

Yes follow the instruction and cut along the marked dotted lines.

How many panels do I need for my radiators.

The average radiator needs 2 to 2½ panels. Simply multiply the number of radiators in your house by 2 or 2½ and choose the appropriate pack size.

How big is each panel.

Each panel is 580mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep.


Can Heatkeepers be used behind electric or night storage radiator .

Yes. As long as there is sufficient gap between the storage heater and the wall, the panels will work just as effectively as for standard central heating radiators. The minimum recommended gap is 15mm to achieve the optimum flow of convected air.

I have Radiators that are wider than the panels , what do I do.

Just measure and use part of another panel.

I have a window sill / shelf close to the top of my radiator , can I still fit Heatkeepers .

Yes now with our alternative hanging method Heatkeepers® can be used in those hard to reach areas such as under sills and with small gaps.

I have a curved wall with radiators , will Heakeepers still work.

Yes ensure good fixing, use a radiator brush first and order Bison glue in accessories for extra adhesion.

I have a small floor standing radiator , can I use Heatkeepers on them

Order our Mini Heatkeepers, specifically designed for small and floor standing radiators.

How are Heatkeepers fitted.

HEATKEEPER Reflector Panels have been designed to be easy to fit without removing radiator, they can easily be cut to size and simply fixed to the wall. Download Full Instructions


How much will fitting Heatkeepers save me. 

HEATKEEPER Panels can save up to 20% of your heating costs, paying for themselves in the first year of fitting.

Where can I purchase Heatkeepers

Online @ www.heatkeeper.co.uk or in-store at 27 Phoenix Road, Crowther, Washington, Tyne & Wear NE38 0AD. also Amazon, eBay & Lake home&leisure Store

Where should I fit Heatkeepers in my House

We recommend you fit them to all radiators on both internal and external walls, to benefit from the insulating properties and the re-circulation of the reflected heat.

What are Heatkeepers made from .

Metalized PVC