How To Combat Fuel Poverty- Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator Reflector Panels

It was great to attend the NE Fuel Poverty meeting held at Living Housing at their Durham HQ. where we met members of the National Housing Federation and Local Housing Associations.

The discussions and presentations were very informative, the first from Tim at Future Energy, who introduced us to a new fuel tariff for those experiencing Fuel Poverty.

The second presentation was from Lee at Lake Manufacturing who discussed the benefits of fitting Heatkeeper energy saving radiator reflector panels, which work in 3 ways.

  • Firstly to insulate the wall.
  • Then to reflect the heat back into the radiator, therefore triggering the thermostat less.
  • And finally the saw toothed design causes a convection current which allows the hot air to rise and spread out into the room.


Heatkeeper energy saving radiator reflector panels are an inexpensive energy saving reflector panel that fit behind radiators, providing a fixed and permanent energy saving feature for your home.

For more information on Heatkeeper energy saving radiator reflector panels visit or click on the link if you would like to purchase some today

Of course all of this is to help combat fuel poverty for the vulnerable, by making homes more energy efficient.