Heatkeeper Duragrip Easy Fit Spines

Heatkeeper Duragrip Easy Fit Spines

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Heatkeeper Duragrip Spines are 300mm long spines that grip the top edge of the heatkeeper panel allowing it to be hung over the radiator brackets.

You will require approximately 3 spines to fit with a 1000mm radiator.

Duragrip Spines come in packs of 10.

The Duragrip spines should be used on radiators when fitting the panels directly onto the wall behind the radiator cannot be carried out.

Heatkeeper panels are most effective when fitting directly to the wall and are covering the total surface area behind the radiator. 

DURAGRIP Spines features

  • Easy fit
  • Pack of 10


  • Brand: Heatkeeper
  • Type : DURAGRIP Spines
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight 250g


For fitting Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors behind hard to fit to radiators

In the box

10 x DURAGRIP Spine