Radi Clean Radiator Brush
Radi Clean Radiator Brush
Radi Clean Radiator Brush
Radi Clean Radiator Brush

Radi Clean Radiator Brush

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Radi Clean Radiator Cleaning Brush by JML makes cleaning radiators fast and easy.

Radi Clean is a flexible Cleaning brush gets into hard to reach places and uses special netted yarn to attract and grab dust so that your radiators can work efficiently. Radi Brush is very strong and flexible making it also great for cleaning window blinds , air vents and hard to reach places such as stair rails and the tops of cupboards.

Radi Clean Radiator Brush features

  • Flexible Handle & Brush
  • Capable of fitting between and behind your radiators
  • Netted yarn attracts and traps dust and hair
  • Keeps your Radiator & Heatkeeper Panels clean and dust-free while stopping dust circulating in the air
  • Can be used to clean around the home, great for hard to reach places
  • Helps improve radiator efficiency
  • Just shake and wipe with a damp cloth to clean


  • Brand: JML
  • Type : Radiator Brush
  • Dimensions: See below
  • Weight: 250g
  • Size : 72 cm long (60cm brush head)
  • Colour : Black and Pink
  • Materials : Netted yarn with highly durable fibres


Perfect for keeping your Radiators and Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels clean and dust-free , can also be used throughout the home gets into tight awkward places .

To use : static charge before use by running your hand across the yarn and rotate the duster in a roller motion during use.


In the box

1 x JML RadiClean Radiator Brush